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Don't be concerned about delays in your car's repairs.

We are dedicated to high quality repairs and a fast return for your car. Get an idea of our process and why your repairs may take longer than expected.

Auto Repair Process | Stillwater, OK | G&M Body Shop | 405-377-0430

The first thing you want to know is when you repairs will be done

Rest assured that our technicians are dedicated to getting your vehicle back to you as soon as possible. You can count on fast and reliable service, and ease your worries by getting an idea of our repair process.

  1. Your vehicle arrives at G&M.
  2. Your vehicle is disassembled to inspect for hidden damage.
  3. Replacement parts are inspected, compared to damaged parts, and pre-fitted to your vehicle.
  4. Our body techs perform the needed repairs in our shop.
  5. Your vehicle enters our refinishing and paint shop.
  6. If needed, your vehicle then goes to a post-paint specialty shop. This may include glass shop, stripe shop, etc.
  7. Your vehicle is washed and vacuumed. Then the vehicle must pass inspection by the general manager to ensure the repair meets G&M's high quality standards.

Make sure you understand the possible delays in the process

While we are committed to fast and efficient repairs, there are some unpredictable delays that may occur. You can count on our technicians to do our best to move the repair process along quickly, and with utmost care for repair quality. Understand that we are working hard to get you back on the road, even when there is an unexpected delay.

  • Initially unseen damage is discovered during the initial teardown or during repairs.
  • The insurance company must be contacted regarding additional damage or needed parts. These supplements to the original estimate require approval from the insurance company and may delay the full process.
  • Wrong or damaged parts are received from the manufacture, and a new order must be placed.
  • The parts needed are not readily available from the manufacturers.
  • Extended time may be required to get an exact color match for your vehicle. There can be as many as 15 different variances for a particular color code.

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